Bright Woods Spiritual Centre

Bright Woods Spiritual Centre is nestled among old growth trees, overlooking the expansive ocean off Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.

At the centre we offer an opportunity for each individual to learn about the practice of Shinto, the way of the kami. Through Shinto practice each of us can reunite with Great Nature, experiencing the continuum of life, the ceaseless ebb and flow of existence and gain a sense of our place within the Universe.

Bright Woods offers regular classes for people interested in learning the basic philosophy of Shinto as well as instruction in misogi (purification practice), chinkon (meditation), and chanting of Shinto prayers. For schedule information, please visit the "Schedule" page.

Bright Woods Spiritual Centre, including its Shinto shrine, Kinomori Jinja, is a branch of  Tsubaki Grand Shrine of Japan.

For more information, please browse through this web site and/or contact us.