Tsubaki Ō Kami Yashiro

(Tsubaki Grand Shrine)

Tsubaki Ō Kami Yashiro began over 2000 years ago near the present-day city of Suzuka, at the base of Mt. Takayama and Mt. Hikiyama.  The shrine has a colorful history, having been a major centre for both Shinto and Buddhist worship in previous centuries.  Tsubaki Ō Kami Yashiro is the principal shrine of Sarutahiko no O Kami, head of all earthly kami.

In the 1960s, Guji Yukitaka Yamamoto, 96th Chief Priest resolved to rebuild the three main sanctuaries of Tsubaki Ō Kami Yashiro. His vision and leadership revitalized the life of the shrine, creating new buildings, reviving ancient rituals, and through various interfaith activities introduced Shinto practice to the western world.

He is succeeded by his son, Guji Yukiyasu Yamamoto who, as 97th Chief Priest, inspires visitors to Tsubaki Ō Kami Yashiro with the spiritual renewal of Shinto.

For more information, visit 椿大神社 (http://www.cjn.or.jp/tsubaki/)